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           2014年获得中国商标局颁发的注册商标证书;2015年获得“广州股权交易中心”颁发的挂牌证书,公司股权代码:896313;2015年公司创始人何其林成为中国建筑学会会员,会员编号:e420022393m 。




            公司全体人员团结协作,为客户的设计要求殚精竭虑。近期完成了一批高质量的设计作品, 得到广大业主的赞誉。不仅有近年来深受欢迎的简欧风格,也有中式现代风格;既有超前的新锐设计,也有复古风格作品;既有文化建筑,也有普通住宅;既有科技建筑,也有纪念馆公建建筑。我们将根据业主的不同需求、不同喜好、不同文化背景、不同地域特点,为业主竭力服务,同时满足业主的市场销售要求。



    Guangzhou Shifang Architectural Design Ltd. is a design company that was registered with Administration of Industry and Commerce of Guangzhou Municipality. Our business scopes include architectural design, interior design, landscaping, and city planning. We have abundant technical strengthresponsible staff, and plenty of outstanding designs.


    We have earned a trademark registration certificate from China Trademark Office in 2014, have earned quoted security certification from Guangzhou Equity Exchange Center in 2015 with stock code: 896313, and the company founder Qilin He has become a member of ASC in 2015 with member code: e420022393m.


    Some of our projects that have been built areChinese Academy of Sciences incubator centerSaudi Arabia RiyadhA villa area, NigeriaA villa areaGuangzhouchuangfu Fashion Industrial ParkGuangzhoudezhi Creative garden; and some of our other working projects areSanya Anime CityGuangzhou Cross Strait CityHainan story houseQi Gong Memorial building


    Our projects are mainly situated in the Pearl River Delta region. And our Shifang’s goal is to become one of the top 10 architectural design company of Guangzhou city in next three years, to increase our staff to two hundred people in next five years, and to make designs all across China and the other countries.


    Shifang, since it was founded in 2012, has always been increasing in scale, improving its technical strength, perfecting its internal management, accumulating human resources, updating designing concepts, and breaking new ground. We have taken medium and large scale design projects from mainly Guangzhou City and Sanya City, and have also taken many design projects from estate agencies at Middle East and Africa through our unique relations. Accomplished design missions from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Ghana with high quality and efficiency. Instead of importing exotic design companies, we are an example of exporting Chinese ideas. In the domestic market, Shifang has created not only industrial park design projects from many cities, but also plenty of country apartment designs. We have truly achieved a unique blend of being environmentally-friendly and addressing human needs which has grabbed attention from the media. Our trademark Shifang International has earned admission from China Trademark Office; our designation of Sanya New Phoenix Airport has won sanya Creative design competitionhonorable mention  by working alongside sister companies.


    Our close-knit staff will do our best to achieve customers design requirements. Recently we have finished some high quality design projects, and were acclaimed by lots of customers. From the simple European style which has become popular in recent years to Chinese modern, from new and advanced styles to retro, from cultural buildings to normal apartments, from science and technology buildings to public monuments, we will endeavor to realize customers’ requirements based on their preferences, culture backgrounds, district features, and marketing demands. Our services include: project planning、Marketing Managementconceptual designurben design、Construction drawing designlandscape design Interior design, etc. which include every aspect.